Finding my strength 

Growing up in my circle, I was always under the impression that being skinny and weak made you more girly. And that these girls were the kind that were most attractive. I’d always been the same size and never paid much attention to it. But when I got to my teens, my friends brought attention to how skinny and weak I was, and that I should be proud. And so I ended up embodying this new persona of this very girly girl who was fragile.

In actual fact, growing up I always considered myself as one of the boys. I much prefered powering around on my bike I’d named ‘the green machine’ with my bow and arrow, to playing with Barbie dolls any day. My idols as a child were girls like Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, and Kim Possible because I always admired the girls who would out-smart the bad guys and save the day.

This new persona I carried through with me, right up to my first job where I was happy with the fact I couldn’t lift tables and equipment so the guys would have to come help me. And when people said I looked anorexic I took it as a compliment. When did I change so much that I thought this was okay?

It wasn’t until I started taking dance more seriously and trained harder, that I started to realize the benefits to being strong and healthy. Being strong doesn’t make you less girly, and being confident in your skin is so attractive. How you feel about yourself shows through in everything you do so let it shine !

Now, with all that’s happening in the world, I think it’s so important that girls grow up knowing It’s cool to be strong, to stand out. And it’s so important to feel powerful and confident in your own skin. You only have one body, and there’s nobody else out there like you. So own your own skin and be the best you can be, for you. I think it’s such a shame that so many girls I know are afraid of using weights in their workout routine because they don’t want to be ‘big’. Take pride in your strength. I’m still learning, but I’m continuing to grow and help women to feel empowered.

This is one of my favourite inspirational quotes: [ Sourced from Refinery29 UK ]

What makes you feel strong ?

Ruby x


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