Who is this Gadsby girl?

Hi! So I’m writing this post as an introduction to me and my blog. I’m originally from a small sea-side town, but right now I’m in London studying dance at university. Since moving into halls and discovering the harsh reality of the boredom and occasional loneliness that comes with it (sorry to anyone moving out this year) I decided I needed a hobby. I’ve always loved reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos as my go-to for advice, inspiration and general entertainment. And I’ve inherited my dad’s love for photography, so creating the blog I’d always thought about seemed like a good option.

Being a dancer, I have a passion for keeping fit and having a healthy lifestyle. So a lot of my posts will be around that subject area. I’m a huge advocate for how dance and exercise can empower people and how small positive changes to your lifestyle can make a huge difference. But so many things interest me, travel, beauty and skin care, wellbeing and personal style. This is a big one, I have a real addiction to shopping clothes and changing my style. I have a dream that my business one day will be able to design and sell stylish activewear, that’s perfect for going between the gym and out and about. Something I’m always looking around for!

Anyway, these are my blog plans for 2017. I apologize in advance if my posts are a bit of a mishmash for a while. Let me know what you’d like to read? Have any ideas for me? What do you blog about? I love chatting and making new friends so drop me a comment or an email and I’d greatly appreciate it !

Ruby x

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