February Notes

At the start of each month I reflect on the last, and use the notes page in my planner to write down all of my plans/goals for the new month. I find goal setting really helpful so I thought I’d start sharing them here


  • Winter woodland walk. Despite the weather being awful, Its nice to get out the city sometimes and have some fresh air. So this month I’m gonna make some time for that!
  • Discover a new part of London. The last month at uni has been a lot of hard work and exams which means I’ve been stuck in the same part of the city. Next opportunity I get, I want to use to get to know a part I’ve never been to before.


  • I’ve started an Instagram for my blog If you havent seen it I’ll link it here. From now I’m  gonna commit to it and post everything I get up to
  • I’m gonna start varying my workout routine and take it outside to also create a Jan/Feb activewear lookbook so watch this space!
  • In January my eating habits started to slip again, so I’m starting a food diary this month. I’ll be looking up some new recipes and snack ideas. I’ll make a post on my favourite ones !

That’s it for now! I’ll post on my progress over february. What are your goals/plans for this month?

Ruby x

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